Algarve climate and light

The Algarve enjoys one of the most stable climates in the world with its moderate and kind weather influenced by both the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas and its proximity to North Africa. Temperatures in the summer months from May to August can reach as high as 30°C. However, winds tend to keep the temperatures down a little with coastal breezes. During the spring and autumn months from March to October the temperatures in Algarve average a pleasant 17°C to 19°C and this is accompanied with plenty of sunshine. The winter from December to February remains moderate and mild with bright sunny days and the temperature during this period stands around 15°C.

The Algarve, the southernmost region of mainland Portugal, is the most popular tourist destination in Portugal, and one of the most popular in Europe. Because of the natural attractions it receives more than 7 million foreign tourists per year.

Summer begins in June and lasts till September. The season is full of sunshine and heat. The average high temperature remains pleasant and stands at mid 20s, which climbs gradually and stays at 28ºC in July and August. Again in September temperature gets back down to 26ºC. Throughout the season, the city receives more than ten hours sunshine each day. However, cooling sea breezes help to take the edge off the heat as do the moderately low humidity levels all through the summer.

Autumn, which comes for October and November in Algarve, is great time to visit the city. During autumn the weather of the city remains very warm. The maximum average temperature climbs to 22ºC in October falls to 19ºC in November. However, the nighttime temperature brings cold with the average low of 13ºC. The sunshine levels fall dramatically during autumn in Algarve.

Winter that comes in December and continues its journey till February is mild in Algarve with a regular high temperature of 16ºC in December and February. However, the temperature drops a bit in January and stands at 15ºC in January. During winter, the city receives more than six hours sunlight per day. Rainfall occurs, but it is infrequent, shorter.

But, perhaps spring is the best time to visit Algarve. During this season temperatures climbs and sun returns in the skies for some more hours. Spring usually start in March and lasts until late May. Both nighttime and ocean temperature remains cool.

The light on the Algarve is fantastic. To draw the curtains each morning and see the high blue skies and the bright, energizing light never fails to raise my spirits, even after 12 years of living here. However, there is much more than that. It is a region of hidden delights, of golden beaches framed by beautifully wrought limestone rocks, of small, simple restaurants where the taste of the fish – just caught, just grilled and drizzled with a local olive oil – will pull you back time and time again.

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